Orgonite Crystal Blue Aquamarine Crystal Ball with Stand for Positive Energy, E-emission Protection and Chakra Balancing… Price: $29.95 (as of 27/10/2022 02:04 PST- Details)

  • QUIET YOUR MIND and immerse yourself in inner peace and positivity with the clarifying powers of our Blue Aquamarine Ball.
  • REPEL NEGATIVITY and harmful exposure to EMF-emitting devices such as cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers and transformers.
  • CHAKRA-BALANCING aquamarine orgonite crystal transforms low-energy into high-frequency energy that is more beneficial to all life forms.
  • CLEAR YOUR ENVIRONMENT and stimulate clean life force by keeping this beautiful energy accumulator nearby.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN INDIA from the highest-quality Blue Aquamarine, this powerful orgone crystal orb is resin-cast with metals and the Flower of Life symbol.

Sharpen your intellect and clear confusion

With its affinity for sensitive people, aquamarine is ideal for helping you ignore judgmental people and find the inner calm necessary to overcome your fears and phobias. We’ve harnessed this power in our eye-catching Blue Aquamarine Crystal Ball. It stimulates positive energy all around you, balancing the life force – or Prana – and reestablishing your purpose and serenity.

Realize your innermost self

With this chakra-balancing orgone crystal ball in your proximity as you meditate, you’ll uncover new insights from the Higher Self that you can apply to your daily life. With a convenient stand to rest your eye-catching orb in, it will occupy a place of prominence on an altar, a bookcase, a side table or nightstand to deflect negative forces and lift you to greater success.

Access your intuition and inner conscious mind. Add the Orgonite Crystal Blue Aquamarine Crystal Ball to your cart today.