Tibetan Singing Bowl set 3.2 inch, golden-red

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Size:3.2 inch  |  Color:golden-red with green crystal

✅ Innovahome yoga singing bowl makes your mind peace✅
✅Innovahome’s family members made the singing bowl by hand, as well the ONLY seller authorized to sell this product and never authorize it to other sellers. Please pay attention to counterfeit products.✅

Why not choose the innovahome singing bowl set?
Our team eliminate redundant accessories to make the set at a decent price but good quality at the same time. The size of the bowl is 3.2 inches diameter which is ideal for on-the-go requirements. The tones of the bowl are peaceful and long. The experiences are just like under the stars in a summer night or you are awaken in the moonlight in your bed room. Though you don’t do yoga meditation very often, it also can be as a collectible or ornament on your desk. What‘s more, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee service because we are confident in our singing bowl sets. If problem develops with normal use, please contact us immediately. We will make sure every customer get the real product they want.
So Why not?

Items inside Packing Box: 1*3.2″ diameter yoga bowl, 1* peach wood striker, 1* real silk cushion